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Addiction, Recovery and Mental Health: A Podcast by WAISMANN METHOD® Opioid Treatment Specialists

Dec 10, 2022

The road to sobriety and recovery brings with it many positive, life-altering changes; however, individuals must also be aware of, accept and manage the residual health effects from previous years of drug dependence. Clare Waismann, M-RAS / SUDCC II of Waismann Method® Advanced Treatment for Opiate Dependence and David Livingston, LMFT specializing in addiction therapy discuss the difficult transitions that occur during this time, as well as various techniques individuals can put in place to ease them. From recognizing their residual symptoms to creating personal goals towards achieving long-term stability and success in life post-treatment, both experts stress that there must be an honest evaluation of one's situation before creating a supportive and successful plan for coping with such life changes.


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